TraceX provides a seamless and transparent platform for trading Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The digital marketplace is used by generators who have certificates to sell, and by utilities or organisations who are seeking to buy certificates to meet their regulatory obligations or voluntary sustainability targets. Brokers and traders will find TraceX a highly efficient way to manage their clients' renewable energy certification needs.

Benefits to REC buyers: lose the friction. Dispense with the legal brains, paperwork and time required by bilateral sales.

Benefits to REC sellers: a faster more accurately priced REC that handles location and time specific RECs with ease.

Why TraceX?

Better price control

Use the limit order on TraceX to set the sale price for your RECs or buy and sell at the market price. Trust the market for the most up to date price.

Future proof

The REC market is evolving. With TraceX, participants can buy and sell RECs on a blockchain enabled platform that is scalable to meet growing volumes, digital currency ready, and built for future environmental opportunities.

Mitigates credit risk

All Participant’s complete KYC and Payment account linkage (verified Business Account) prior to being able to trade, removing credit risk.

Mitigates settlement risk

RECs are encumbered on the originating registry once imported onto TraceX to prevent double-use. Recorded on the blockchain ledger providing a solid audit trail.


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TraceX gives you the tools to efficiently buy and sell RECs.

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The marketplace for Renewable Energy Certificate trading has landed.

Hear from Fiona Tiller (Powerledger's TraceX Product Owner) explain what TraceX can deliver for buyers and sellers of renewable energy.

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